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Jimmy DiResta embodies the unique title of "forever curious maker", fascinated by all things mechanical and handmade.

His curiosity sparked in childhood during playtime with his father’s tools and later a high school gig in a sign shop put him on a track for a lifetime career in making. 

Jimmy is proud to introduce DiResta Outpost as a general store for home goods for makers like Jimmy and you!

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As a lifelong LAVA soap guy, I didn’t expect much from Diresta’s Big Bar but what a great product! The pumice powers grime from under my fingernails but doesn’t dry out my hands, love it!

Glenn O, Hobby Mechanic

This is a solid bar of soap! It cuts the dirt and grime and makes my hands feel clean and smooth. I like the cedarwood scent because it smells just like an aromatic heartwood. Will definitely buy again. 

David P., Construction Project Manager

I love it! The cedar matches my current lifestyle perfectly and my wife appreciates that I'm washing more.

Fallon, landscape designer

How you're changing lives.

Jimmy dedicates a portion of every sale on DiResta Outpost to encourage job training, as well as the upcycle of used building materials.

Your purchase helps underserved individuals receive training in the trades and find work, all while preserving architectural history and keeping it out of our landfills!

Each order you make helps to provide a person with a second chance in life through meaningful job training and empowerment.