About Jimmy

Jimmy Diresta embodies the unique title of "forever curious maker", fascinated by all things mechanical and handmade.” His curiosity sparked in childhood during playtime with his father’s tools and later a high school gig in a sign shop put him on a track for a lifetime career in making.

Taking on inventor-type roles at various toy companies and simultaneously teaching design and fabrication courses at his alma mater, School of Visual Arts, all provided the perfect training for his talents to flourish. Jimmy’s approach to life and projects have always remained unpretentious, organic, and solutions-oriented. He often infuses tried and true old-school methods with modern technology to create in a way that is thoughtful and efficient.

His time spent in the toy industry earned him a reputation for being a master problem solver, often being called upon for original concepts and finessing prototypes through to their final stages prior to production. An impromptu collaboration with his comedian brother in the early 2000’s developing comedic DIY television show concepts added a new facet to his career. Together they produced original content hosting their own shows showcasing their talents that went on to land them deals with DIY Network, Discovery, HGTV. A theme emerged through Jimmy partaking in constant creative exploration and sharing his process.

During a break in his television career he sought out a new outlet filming short videos of himself fabricating projects to upload to Youtube. Hundreds of videos and nearly two million subscribers later prove him to be an integral figure in the maker movement. Jimmy was most recently invited to be the master maker on all 3 seasons of NBC’s 'Making It' with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Wherever he goes he is constantly creating, sharing and seeking to inspire all of those who care to watch.


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